510/ 512/512S/ 513/513S/ 514/ 516/ 517/ BE series

– Directly ON / OFF the power of compact size electric motor
– Exposed type / flush mounted type, plastic / cold rolled steel case
– Push button for ON / OFF the electric motor (forward, reverse operation)
– Lamp power ON / OFF type switch mounting type
– Electrical appliances Safety Certification

MAS (25 / 63 / 125 A)

– Designed as rapid switching structure so excellent contact reliability.
– Apply the lock ring within the OFF state
– Handle and contact parts are designed as detachable structure (MAS-025)
– 2 color types of handle and handle guard (red, yellow and black, white)
– Ø22, Ø30 (MAS-025) 4 holes fixed panel mounting
– Clear indication of ON/OFF contact state
(turning OFF the operation handle will block all contacts) 

Square, 255/305, handle control, circle, Key Cam swtich

– Structural design that can check the contact operation state
– Electrical appliances Safety Certification
– Various surface (square, Ø25 round, Ø30 round)
– 3 types of operation handle (H type, R type, P type)
– Switch-board switch A/S, V/S, C/S standard manufacturing product
– Machine tools and various industrial electrical installation circuit formation