Digital ON/OFF Temperature Control

Digital On/Off Temperature Controller :On/Off control form, selectable heating and cooling function, remote access, data collection and controlling with Modbus RTU

PID Temperature Controller

PID Temperature Controller : PID control form, universal TC,RTD sensor input, heating or cooling functions.

Cooling Controller​

Cooling Controller : On/Off control form, cooling application, NTC or PTC input type, remote access, data collection and controlling with Modbus RTU

Heating/Cooking Controller

Heating /Cooking Controller : Heating and cooking application, On/Off control form. PTC,NTC, Thermoresistances, Thermocouple input types

Analogue Temperature Controller

Analogue Temperature Controller : On/Off analogue control for heating application.

Process Controller Devices

Process Control Devices : PID control output, universal sensor input, heating, level, humidity, compression, as fluid control in all the process operations expanding flexible solutions with modular construction .

Process Indicator

Process Indicators : To display all process data like heating with universal sensor input, level, humidity, compression.


Counters : Total counting, back and forth counting, switch, proximity, kapasitif sensor or encoder connectivity options


Timers: Total counter, Batch Counter, Timer, Chronemetre, Frequencymeter and speed meauserement functions.

Digital Tachometer

Digital Tachometer : Speed meauserement, Frequency measurement, Belt speed measurement, immediate flow measurement.

Digital Potentiometer

Digital Potentiometer : For engine speed drivers.